OK Go – Here It Goes Again (Official Video)

OK Go – Needing/Getting (Official Video)

OK Go – Last Leaf

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

OK Go is an alternative rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA, now residing in Los Angeles, California, USA. They are perhaps best known for their often elaborate and quirky music videos.

I love their videoclips! They are so original and creative and put a smile on your face 🙂 Me, I loved the Needing/Getting the best. I was astonished with the result and can’t imagine how difficult i must have been to organise such a big project. Also getting the music and right tones must have been an absolute nutjob to try and get that right! i think this makes it better though.

For more of this go to: http://okgo.net/videos/



In approximately a week I am leaving to NEW YORK with UCA! So I though it might be interesting to research it a little so i know which places I should visit, whats interesting there and what the hidden treasures are. As I was doing this I stumbled over a blog called “Brooklyn Lens Photography” by Daniel A. Norman, an New York photographer who shares these beautiful photos with the rest of the world.

His work consist out of not only black&white pictures but also bright and colourful pictures.With these  photos he managed to create an interest for the buzzing city that apparently never sleeps.

Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita is a japanese shadow artist based in New York City.

She uses various everyday objects like alphabet, paper, metal, wood, … to create beautiful shadows on a wall. Her work is the perfect example of two truths: things are not always what they seem and more metaphorically, that sometimes we have to view things in a different light to discover a new meaning. She breathes new life into simple, wall-mounted cut-outs by providing them with a light which creates the interesting shadows. Her art seems invisible till it gets transformed into arresting yet elusive images.

I think its nice and special how she experiments with shadows to create these wonderful shadowpieces in the most different and unexpected ways.

Time-lapse video!

Just saw this movie on a friends facebook and loved it immediately.

After making the “As light as a feather” movie i can imagine how crazy it must have been filming this. it’s a different technique but still very difficult! but the result looks good (:

hope you liked it as much as i did!

x x x x x x

Adam Moran

For all you snowboarders out there

You see this picture?

Makes you want to catch the first plane to your favorite snowboarding paradise, right?

This picture is taken by Adam Moran, a photographer who has been documenting snowboarding for the past five years. He is unique because he isn’t like the mainstream photojournalist who approaches it from the outside. Adam comes from within, he is a snowboarder, a voracious traveler. His home are the mountains and on the road.

His work is honest, raw and familiar because what he sees is what you get to see. He is able to make everybody, even non-snowboarders exited for the mountains.

Check him out on: http://www.adammoran.com

End Credits

After seeing the end credits made for the movie: “Lemony snicket’s: a series of unfortunate events”, I started thinking about different movies and came to the conclusion that a lot of movies have very artistic and nice illustrated end credits. Below you can find a few examples (:

3 different styles of drawing but all 3 are beautiful!

Shadow Play

Rob Ryan’s work can be brought back to shadow play or otherwise called shadow puppetry.

It’s an ancient form of storytelling and entrainment that uses cutout figures in front of an illuminated curtain to create the illusion of moving images.  It’s the very early form of the movies we see now on the big screen.


But this doesn’t always have to create the illusion of a moving image. In the movie: “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” you can see that the children projected their parents figure on a curtain that makes the tent they are in. That creates the illusion that their parents are there and watching over them.

Rob Ryan’s video

Rob Ryan Studio Visit, London.

Check this out!

Crane.tv visits artist Rob Ryan in his studio in Bethnal Green. He shows us his otherworldly, sometimes romantic papercut artworks and screenprints, and shares his own love story.

It’s amazing to see how he works and where he gets his inspiration from.

hope you like it (; x x x x