Process Project

The last couple of weeks I have been busy on my process project. I chose to make it about the process I went threw to come over to England and start a new life here. I came here for freedom, independence, to push my limits and to stand on my own feet. This made me think about flying birds and butterflies. I also created lately an interest for ceiling art, which with this idea I could explore and experiment with. This is how i came to my project which included me making 8 butterflies a day for 2 weeks.

Why the number 8? Well, I found out that it has become an reoccurring number since I came here.

– My score on the IELTS test was an 8, which was enough for me to come and study in the UK. The start of my adventure.

– I made my official decision to come here in August, which is the 8th month.

– I live in room 8 in the Student Village.

– I live with 8 people who have become over time my little farnham family.

– During freshers month I had a lot of difficulties because I wasn’t allowed in the SU yet as I wasn’t 18 yet. (drinking age is 16 in Belgium)

So after 2 weeks I had made 112 colourful butterflies in different sizes which I wanted to show in a elegant and beautiful way. I got them to fly freely hanging from the ceiling in our studio. So below you can find a range of pictures I took (colour and black&white) of the final piece.

Please comment on this post and let me know what you think. (: xoxo



Process Project

After making my process project I saw this arty short movie! It kind of made me think of the work I produced in these last couple of weeks, as it is kind of the same but totally different.

I really like this movie and thought you guys might like it too (: It sets a nice atmosphere, has beautiful imagery and a fitting song.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll post the outcome of my process project on here.


In approximately a week I am leaving to NEW YORK with UCA! So I though it might be interesting to research it a little so i know which places I should visit, whats interesting there and what the hidden treasures are. As I was doing this I stumbled over a blog called “Brooklyn Lens Photography” by Daniel A. Norman, an New York photographer who shares these beautiful photos with the rest of the world.

His work consist out of not only black&white pictures but also bright and colourful pictures.With these  photos he managed to create an interest for the buzzing city that apparently never sleeps.