1 day Fine Art Project

We were assigned to bring in different objects (pictures, rubbish, jewellery, cards, …) and assemble them.

All the objects I brought in were mine and told something about me so i decided to make a little book about me  made out of an old dictionary. (: I had so much fun with collaging everything and below you can find the pictures that i took of my work. x x x x

So this was the little ‘did you know’ book I made in one day (: x x


weheartit.com is a website i’ve known for quite a while. It contains a huge amount of pictures to do with fashion, love, art, quotes, celebs, …

I love to browse threw the many pictures and save a few from time to time.

Most of them have something dreamy or pretty that immediately has your attention! (:

It’s worth checking out x x x

Tick Tock..

Tick Tock, I made a CLOCK !

Had our workshop induction and to try out all the machines they  told us to make a clock.

This is the final outcome that is ticking away above my bed for the moment. I tried to combine all the techniques, materials and machines so i practiced everything we learned in the morning. I drilled, sawed, cut and vacuumed plastic, wood and aluminium. (: What do you think? x x x

Life Drawing…

Life Drawing.. hmm, didn’t really know what to expect before going into the classroom….

At first it was a little strange, a older naked man posing in front off a group. But after a while you do get used to it. We did life drawing an entire day long and at the end i could see an evolution in my work. My first pieces are hesitated and not very good but towards the end my proportions and techniques get better (:

Below you can see 2 selected pieces i made that day.

The first one is a continuous line drawing made with a thin and thick pen.

The last one is made by rubbing the model out of a charcoal covered paper. I thought this was difficult to get the proportions right because he was slouched over. This tought me to look more at what i’m drawing!

x x x x

Time-lapse video!

Just saw this movie on a friends facebook and loved it immediately.

After making the “As light as a feather” movie i can imagine how crazy it must have been filming this. it’s a different technique but still very difficult! but the result looks good (:

hope you liked it as much as i did!

x x x x x x

Fashion and Textiles Pathway

I did Fashion and Textiles during the first part of my foundation year for about a week. It wasn’t what i thought it would be but it was fun! We were put into groups and were told to talk about a disaster; a nuclear war. We wrote a story about this theme and designed something to match this. Below you can see the pictures during i was making it and the pictures i took in scene (:

hope you like it x x x x x