The Halloween Fever.

With halloween coming up people have been experimenting with pumpkins!

and i wouldn’t of thought it but IT LOOKS AMAZING ! ;D check these pictures.

Happy Halloween everybody! x x x x



“The HD HERO2 is the most advanced GoPro camera, yet. To celebrate its release, we traveled the world with some of our favorite athletes, adventurers, and filmmakers to see what we could capture and create with the HD HERO2. We hope this film inspires you to get out and do the same.”  – youtube

Well, this movie does inspire me too! It looks amazing, all those extreme adventures (:

Maybe in my gap year?  haha x x x

Adam Moran

For all you snowboarders out there

You see this picture?

Makes you want to catch the first plane to your favorite snowboarding paradise, right?

This picture is taken by Adam Moran, a photographer who has been documenting snowboarding for the past five years. He is unique because he isn’t like the mainstream photojournalist who approaches it from the outside. Adam comes from within, he is a snowboarder, a voracious traveler. His home are the mountains and on the road.

His work is honest, raw and familiar because what he sees is what you get to see. He is able to make everybody, even non-snowboarders exited for the mountains.

Check him out on:

Made a movie !

This week we got a taste of a new pathway; MIP, which stands for moving image and photography. We were set the brief “light” which we interpreted as “As light as a feather” and made a stop motion movie with hundreds of pictures taken all over campus and edited with Final Cut Pro. It wasn’t easy but I’m glad with the result!

Check it out for yourself and I hope you like it (: x x x