End Credits

After seeing the end credits made for the movie: “Lemony snicket’s: a series of unfortunate events”, I started thinking about different movies and came to the conclusion that a lot of movies have very artistic and nice illustrated end credits. Below you can find a few examples (:

3 different styles of drawing but all 3 are beautiful!


Shadow Play

Rob Ryan’s work can be brought back to shadow play or otherwise called shadow puppetry.

It’s an ancient form of storytelling and entrainment that uses cutout figures in front of an illuminated curtain to create the illusion of moving images.  It’s the very early form of the movies we see now on the big screen.


But this doesn’t always have to create the illusion of a moving image. In the movie: “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” you can see that the children projected their parents figure on a curtain that makes the tent they are in. That creates the illusion that their parents are there and watching over them.

Rob Ryan’s video

Rob Ryan Studio Visit, London.

Check this out!

Crane.tv visits artist Rob Ryan in his studio in Bethnal Green. He shows us his otherworldly, sometimes romantic papercut artworks and screenprints, and shares his own love story.

It’s amazing to see how he works and where he gets his inspiration from.

hope you like it (; x x x x

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan. The visual artist who starts with a piece of paper and a craft knife and turns it into a beautiful piece of art that is and stays unique forever. Because of his unique way of making art people also call him the Edward Scissorhands of today.

It’s so extraordinary that all of his work is cut out on delicate fragile pieces of paper that after seeing it you’ll just sit there with a ‘wow’-face. Rob makes cards, mugs, pillows and even designed a dress for Vogue.

He also published his first book, This Is for You, on October 4, 2007. It’s a fairytale that is told through paper cut-out art and explores themes of love and loneliness.

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