Life Drawing Part 2

I went to another life drawing lesson where we got to experiment with drawing methodes and techniques while drawing a naked model.

 We started of with some quick sketches to get into the drawing mood. Using graphite and charcoal we would make drawings without looking, continuous line drawings and other sketches.


Applying highlights, shadows and mid tones using ink, white paint and graphite.

Drawing with a candle (which you couldn’t see on the paper) and then revealing it with ink.

Using a yellow oil crayon as a highlighter, a blue oil crayon as a shadow and a red oil crayon as the mid tones and giving it more contrast with black ink.

Combining the two techniques from above using the red oil crayon as a shadow and a candle as the highlighter. Revealing it with black ink.

Our final life drawing for which we had about 30mins. First applying the highlights with white paint, then the shadows with black ink and then scribbling where necessary  with graphite.

Because this was my second life drawing I did I think i was more confident with these techniques/materials and with drawing a naked man. Because of this I enjoyed it more and think my outcomes are better then last. I’m especially happy with my last drawing. I had the time to go into detail and redu whatever i did wrong. I got the opportunity to give him a face which normally i just leave blank.



When I went to New York with my foundation year at UCA we got the task to make postcards with things we bought or found there and send it to our tutor.

I ended up making these 4 postcards:

I think my favourite of the 4 must be the last one. (The one that says ‘New York City’ made out of different postcards.) I had some other ideas of postcards I could make but just didn’t have the time to make them as we were running around New York wanting to see everything. I do think making your own postcards is an original idea! Might do this more often 🙂

Which one is your favourite? xoxo

Process Project

The last couple of weeks I have been busy on my process project. I chose to make it about the process I went threw to come over to England and start a new life here. I came here for freedom, independence, to push my limits and to stand on my own feet. This made me think about flying birds and butterflies. I also created lately an interest for ceiling art, which with this idea I could explore and experiment with. This is how i came to my project which included me making 8 butterflies a day for 2 weeks.

Why the number 8? Well, I found out that it has become an reoccurring number since I came here.

– My score on the IELTS test was an 8, which was enough for me to come and study in the UK. The start of my adventure.

– I made my official decision to come here in August, which is the 8th month.

– I live in room 8 in the Student Village.

– I live with 8 people who have become over time my little farnham family.

– During freshers month I had a lot of difficulties because I wasn’t allowed in the SU yet as I wasn’t 18 yet. (drinking age is 16 in Belgium)

So after 2 weeks I had made 112 colourful butterflies in different sizes which I wanted to show in a elegant and beautiful way. I got them to fly freely hanging from the ceiling in our studio. So below you can find a range of pictures I took (colour and black&white) of the final piece.

Please comment on this post and let me know what you think. (: xoxo


Person Project

We are all human but each of us is a different person: the same but different. We are all one person, but are different to other individuals and act different in various situations: the same but different. This is how people all can have  other opinions about one single person. I tried to express this with making a portrait of one person 7 times using various techniques. (monoprinting, painting on textiles, painting on acetate, a picture, drawing on acetate with a painted tracing paper background, negative drawing and a picture puzzle) The picture in the middle is a black and white picture which is objective. All the others around the centre picture symbolise the other people you could see in one person.

Hope you like it ! x x x

1 day Fine Art Project

We were assigned to bring in different objects (pictures, rubbish, jewellery, cards, …) and assemble them.

All the objects I brought in were mine and told something about me so i decided to make a little book about me  made out of an old dictionary. (: I had so much fun with collaging everything and below you can find the pictures that i took of my work. x x x x

So this was the little ‘did you know’ book I made in one day (: x x

Tick Tock..

Tick Tock, I made a CLOCK !

Had our workshop induction and to try out all the machines they  told us to make a clock.

This is the final outcome that is ticking away above my bed for the moment. I tried to combine all the techniques, materials and machines so i practiced everything we learned in the morning. I drilled, sawed, cut and vacuumed plastic, wood and aluminium. (: What do you think? x x x

Life Drawing…

Life Drawing.. hmm, didn’t really know what to expect before going into the classroom….

At first it was a little strange, a older naked man posing in front off a group. But after a while you do get used to it. We did life drawing an entire day long and at the end i could see an evolution in my work. My first pieces are hesitated and not very good but towards the end my proportions and techniques get better (:

Below you can see 2 selected pieces i made that day.

The first one is a continuous line drawing made with a thin and thick pen.

The last one is made by rubbing the model out of a charcoal covered paper. I thought this was difficult to get the proportions right because he was slouched over. This tought me to look more at what i’m drawing!

x x x x

Fashion and Textiles Pathway

I did Fashion and Textiles during the first part of my foundation year for about a week. It wasn’t what i thought it would be but it was fun! We were put into groups and were told to talk about a disaster; a nuclear war. We wrote a story about this theme and designed something to match this. Below you can see the pictures during i was making it and the pictures i took in scene (:

hope you like it x x x x x

Made a movie !

This week we got a taste of a new pathway; MIP, which stands for moving image and photography. We were set the brief “light” which we interpreted as “As light as a feather” and made a stop motion movie with hundreds of pictures taken all over campus and edited with Final Cut Pro. It wasn’t easy but I’m glad with the result!

Check it out for yourself and I hope you like it (: x x x