Life Drawing Part 2

I went to another life drawing lesson where we got to experiment with drawing methodes and techniques while drawing a naked model.

 We started of with some quick sketches to get into the drawing mood. Using graphite and charcoal we would make drawings without looking, continuous line drawings and other sketches.


Applying highlights, shadows and mid tones using ink, white paint and graphite.

Drawing with a candle (which you couldn’t see on the paper) and then revealing it with ink.

Using a yellow oil crayon as a highlighter, a blue oil crayon as a shadow and a red oil crayon as the mid tones and giving it more contrast with black ink.

Combining the two techniques from above using the red oil crayon as a shadow and a candle as the highlighter. Revealing it with black ink.

Our final life drawing for which we had about 30mins. First applying the highlights with white paint, then the shadows with black ink and then scribbling where necessary  with graphite.

Because this was my second life drawing I did I think i was more confident with these techniques/materials and with drawing a naked man. Because of this I enjoyed it more and think my outcomes are better then last. I’m especially happy with my last drawing. I had the time to go into detail and redu whatever i did wrong. I got the opportunity to give him a face which normally i just leave blank.


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