Critical Review Final Project

My final major project has evolved a lot since my first proposal. At first I was thinking about literally framing pictures that had been taken during the year and take other pictures that symbolize memories and events that had happened. I stepped away of that idea and decided to include a movie, objects and pictures that don’t symbolise certain moments. Even though my outcome has changed, my main idea of framing this year and looking at hoarding, memories and the experience of my year abroad has stayed the same.

Most of the research I did, I did at the start of the project to try evolve and explore my ideas. Later on I spent more time looking though my own memories, hoardings and experiences which lead to experimentation. I tried to make little meaningful pieces or collect objects that I hoarded and had a story to them. Books, origami butterflies, letters and even empty vodka bottles were used for the stories they tell. The viewer might think they are random objects on a shelve/frame but to me they aren’t. I leave it up to them to figure out the deeper meaning of some of the things while others are clarified like for instance the sea in a bottle.

I did not experiment that much before starting on my final projects, neither did I explore a lot of other ideas before coming to the idea I executed. Looking back I already had the idea in the back of my head and explored and experimented within the idea I had. I did experiment with all the different multi media pieces being part of my art piece and explored within hoarding, framing, memories and my experiences. I don’t believe not experimenting or exploring thoroughly before coming with my idea is a bad thing as I had enough space to do this within my idea.

 Seeing my work, which is filled with memories and stories of the past nine months, up against the wall pleases me more than I thought it would do. During the process of this project I have had my doubts of the quality of my work and I wasn’t sure if the viewer would appreciate it the way I do. I decided to not think too much about that as it would make me too insecure to be able to create a piece how it has unfolded itself now. I’m happy with the final piece that will be exhibitioned in June. Looking back I believe I shouldn’t have thought too much about it and just started experimenting and researching for inspiration immediately. One of my favourite parts was making the video with my friends, which is displayed in the middle of the frame. All of us fooling around and having a laugh to the new popular song ‘Call Me Maybe’. It shows the dynamic between all the people in the group and it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. The pictures containing meaningful quotes were another part of the project that I really enjoyed. Even though I had no idea how to work with Photoshop before, I loved playing around with all the different possibilities to edit and add onto pictures. It gave me the freedom to express myself in a different ways that I hadn’t tried before. I do believe that that is an important part of the course that I have had the freedom to evolve in: experimenting and trying out new materials and mediums. Even making my frame in the workshop was a new experience.


Oh, the places you’ll go – Dr. Seuss

“For out-starting upstarts of all ages, here is a wonderfully wise and blessedly brief graduation speech from the one and only Dr. Seuss. In his inimitable, humorous verse and pictures, he addresses the Great Balancing act (life itself, and the ups and downs it presents) while encouraging us to find the succes that lies within us. In a mere fifty-six pages, Dr. Seuss managed to impart a lifetime of wisdom. It is the perfect send-off for children starting out in the maze of life, be they nursery school grads or newly minted PhD’s. Everyone will find it inspired good fun.”



OK Go – Here It Goes Again (Official Video)

OK Go – Needing/Getting (Official Video)

OK Go – Last Leaf

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

OK Go is an alternative rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA, now residing in Los Angeles, California, USA. They are perhaps best known for their often elaborate and quirky music videos.

I love their videoclips! They are so original and creative and put a smile on your face 🙂 Me, I loved the Needing/Getting the best. I was astonished with the result and can’t imagine how difficult i must have been to organise such a big project. Also getting the music and right tones must have been an absolute nutjob to try and get that right! i think this makes it better though.

For more of this go to:

Life Drawing Part 2

I went to another life drawing lesson where we got to experiment with drawing methodes and techniques while drawing a naked model.

 We started of with some quick sketches to get into the drawing mood. Using graphite and charcoal we would make drawings without looking, continuous line drawings and other sketches.


Applying highlights, shadows and mid tones using ink, white paint and graphite.

Drawing with a candle (which you couldn’t see on the paper) and then revealing it with ink.

Using a yellow oil crayon as a highlighter, a blue oil crayon as a shadow and a red oil crayon as the mid tones and giving it more contrast with black ink.

Combining the two techniques from above using the red oil crayon as a shadow and a candle as the highlighter. Revealing it with black ink.

Our final life drawing for which we had about 30mins. First applying the highlights with white paint, then the shadows with black ink and then scribbling where necessary  with graphite.

Because this was my second life drawing I did I think i was more confident with these techniques/materials and with drawing a naked man. Because of this I enjoyed it more and think my outcomes are better then last. I’m especially happy with my last drawing. I had the time to go into detail and redu whatever i did wrong. I got the opportunity to give him a face which normally i just leave blank.


When I went to New York with my foundation year at UCA we got the task to make postcards with things we bought or found there and send it to our tutor.

I ended up making these 4 postcards:

I think my favourite of the 4 must be the last one. (The one that says ‘New York City’ made out of different postcards.) I had some other ideas of postcards I could make but just didn’t have the time to make them as we were running around New York wanting to see everything. I do think making your own postcards is an original idea! Might do this more often 🙂

Which one is your favourite? xoxo

Process Project

The last couple of weeks I have been busy on my process project. I chose to make it about the process I went threw to come over to England and start a new life here. I came here for freedom, independence, to push my limits and to stand on my own feet. This made me think about flying birds and butterflies. I also created lately an interest for ceiling art, which with this idea I could explore and experiment with. This is how i came to my project which included me making 8 butterflies a day for 2 weeks.

Why the number 8? Well, I found out that it has become an reoccurring number since I came here.

– My score on the IELTS test was an 8, which was enough for me to come and study in the UK. The start of my adventure.

– I made my official decision to come here in August, which is the 8th month.

– I live in room 8 in the Student Village.

– I live with 8 people who have become over time my little farnham family.

– During freshers month I had a lot of difficulties because I wasn’t allowed in the SU yet as I wasn’t 18 yet. (drinking age is 16 in Belgium)

So after 2 weeks I had made 112 colourful butterflies in different sizes which I wanted to show in a elegant and beautiful way. I got them to fly freely hanging from the ceiling in our studio. So below you can find a range of pictures I took (colour and black&white) of the final piece.

Please comment on this post and let me know what you think. (: xoxo


Process Project

After making my process project I saw this arty short movie! It kind of made me think of the work I produced in these last couple of weeks, as it is kind of the same but totally different.

I really like this movie and thought you guys might like it too (: It sets a nice atmosphere, has beautiful imagery and a fitting song.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll post the outcome of my process project on here.


In approximately a week I am leaving to NEW YORK with UCA! So I though it might be interesting to research it a little so i know which places I should visit, whats interesting there and what the hidden treasures are. As I was doing this I stumbled over a blog called “Brooklyn Lens Photography” by Daniel A. Norman, an New York photographer who shares these beautiful photos with the rest of the world.

His work consist out of not only black&white pictures but also bright and colourful pictures.With these  photos he managed to create an interest for the buzzing city that apparently never sleeps.

Person Project

We are all human but each of us is a different person: the same but different. We are all one person, but are different to other individuals and act different in various situations: the same but different. This is how people all can have  other opinions about one single person. I tried to express this with making a portrait of one person 7 times using various techniques. (monoprinting, painting on textiles, painting on acetate, a picture, drawing on acetate with a painted tracing paper background, negative drawing and a picture puzzle) The picture in the middle is a black and white picture which is objective. All the others around the centre picture symbolise the other people you could see in one person.

Hope you like it ! x x x