Person Project

We are all human but each of us is a different person: the same but different. We are all one person, but are different to other individuals and act different in various situations: the same but different. This is how people all can have  other opinions about one single person. I tried to express this with making a portrait of one person 7 times using various techniques. (monoprinting, painting on textiles, painting on acetate, a picture, drawing on acetate with a painted tracing paper background, negative drawing and a picture puzzle) The picture in the middle is a black and white picture which is objective. All the others around the centre picture symbolise the other people you could see in one person.

Hope you like it ! x x x


Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita is a japanese shadow artist based in New York City.

She uses various everyday objects like alphabet, paper, metal, wood, … to create beautiful shadows on a wall. Her work is the perfect example of two truths: things are not always what they seem and more metaphorically, that sometimes we have to view things in a different light to discover a new meaning. She breathes new life into simple, wall-mounted cut-outs by providing them with a light which creates the interesting shadows. Her art seems invisible till it gets¬†transformed into arresting yet elusive images.

I think its nice and special how she experiments with shadows to create these wonderful shadowpieces in the most different and unexpected ways.