Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita is a japanese shadow artist based in New York City.

She uses various everyday objects like alphabet, paper, metal, wood, … to create beautiful shadows on a wall. Her work is the perfect example of two truths: things are not always what they seem and more metaphorically, that sometimes we have to view things in a different light to discover a new meaning. She breathes new life into simple, wall-mounted cut-outs by providing them with a light which creates the interesting shadows. Her art seems invisible till it gets transformed into arresting yet elusive images.

I think its nice and special how she experiments with shadows to create these wonderful shadowpieces in the most different and unexpected ways.


1 day Fine Art Project

We were assigned to bring in different objects (pictures, rubbish, jewellery, cards, …) and assemble them.

All the objects I brought in were mine and told something about me so i decided to make a little book about me  made out of an old dictionary. (: I had so much fun with collaging everything and below you can find the pictures that i took of my work. x x x x

So this was the little ‘did you know’ book I made in one day (: x x


weheartit.com is a website i’ve known for quite a while. It contains a huge amount of pictures to do with fashion, love, art, quotes, celebs, …

I love to browse threw the many pictures and save a few from time to time.

Most of them have something dreamy or pretty that immediately has your attention! (:

It’s worth checking out x x x

Tick Tock..

Tick Tock, I made a CLOCK !

Had our workshop induction and to try out all the machines they  told us to make a clock.

This is the final outcome that is ticking away above my bed for the moment. I tried to combine all the techniques, materials and machines so i practiced everything we learned in the morning. I drilled, sawed, cut and vacuumed plastic, wood and aluminium. (: What do you think? x x x

Life Drawing…

Life Drawing.. hmm, didn’t really know what to expect before going into the classroom….

At first it was a little strange, a older naked man posing in front off a group. But after a while you do get used to it. We did life drawing an entire day long and at the end i could see an evolution in my work. My first pieces are hesitated and not very good but towards the end my proportions and techniques get better (:

Below you can see 2 selected pieces i made that day.

The first one is a continuous line drawing made with a thin and thick pen.

The last one is made by rubbing the model out of a charcoal covered paper. I thought this was difficult to get the proportions right because he was slouched over. This tought me to look more at what i’m drawing!

x x x x

Time-lapse video!

Just saw this movie on a friends facebook and loved it immediately.

After making the “As light as a feather” movie i can imagine how crazy it must have been filming this. it’s a different technique but still very difficult! but the result looks good (:

hope you liked it as much as i did!

x x x x x x

Fashion and Textiles Pathway

I did Fashion and Textiles during the first part of my foundation year for about a week. It wasn’t what i thought it would be but it was fun! We were put into groups and were told to talk about a disaster; a nuclear war. We wrote a story about this theme and designed something to match this. Below you can see the pictures during i was making it and the pictures i took in scene (:

hope you like it x x x x x


“The HD HERO2 is the most advanced GoPro camera, yet. To celebrate its release, we traveled the world with some of our favorite athletes, adventurers, and filmmakers to see what we could capture and create with the HD HERO2. We hope this film inspires you to get out and do the same.”  – youtube

Well, this movie does inspire me too! It looks amazing, all those extreme adventures (:

Maybe in my gap year?  haha x x x

Adam Moran

For all you snowboarders out there

You see this picture?

Makes you want to catch the first plane to your favorite snowboarding paradise, right?

This picture is taken by Adam Moran, a photographer who has been documenting snowboarding for the past five years. He is unique because he isn’t like the mainstream photojournalist who approaches it from the outside. Adam comes from within, he is a snowboarder, a voracious traveler. His home are the mountains and on the road.

His work is honest, raw and familiar because what he sees is what you get to see. He is able to make everybody, even non-snowboarders exited for the mountains.

Check him out on: http://www.adammoran.com